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Quick Bread Pakoda (Mansoon/Rainy season) Snacks-Chaats,Veggie
-First grind garlic paste, red chille, dhaniya powder, 1/2 spoon trumeric powder, salt and chana dal roasted in mixture with water. -Make a thin paste. -take bread slice, spread this ready paste in one side. cover it with another bread. and cut
Fresh Homemade Guacamole Snacks-Chaats,Mexican,East Indian,Veggie Please watch the video for complete recipe
Snacks-Chaats,Mexican,East Indian,Veggie  
Vegetable tikki Snacks-Chaats,Punjabi,Veggie
Boil all the vegetable and strain . Mix potato mixture, boiled vegetables, cheese, spices, bread. Mix well n shape them in round tikkies. ROll these tikkies in bread crumbs and flatten then (if you need a different shape) Then shallow fry
Chatpat Nutritious Dahi Bhalla Snacks-Chaats,Maharashtrian,North Indian,Veggie Take boiled potatoes, add sprouts and grated dry fruits ,black pepper and salt to it. Soak bread peices and very little water and remove the brown edges. Drain out all the water from Bread by gently pressing the bread slices. Now stuff this pot
Snacks-Chaats,Maharashtrian,North Indian,Veggie  
Papdi Chaat Snacks-Chaats
1. Fry papads in oil and keep aside. 2. Finely chop potataes,tomatoes,onions and coiander leaves. 3. Spread the onions, tomatoes,potatoes evenly on the fried papads. 4. Sprinkle on it chilli pwd,chat masala, little salt as salt is alredy there
oil free chivda Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie How to prepare:     Roast the poha in heavy bottomed pan, till the poha is crisp.     Do the same with the murmura.     Heat Oil in a pan at medium flame.     Once Oil is hot, add mustar
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
White Dhokla Snacks-Chaats,Gujarati,North Indian,Veggie
1: Add urad dal and rice, wash them well and soak in water for 6-8 hrs. 2: Grind it to fine paste. Batter should have a consistency of utappam batter—neither too thick like vada batter nor too thin like a dosa batter. 3: Add salt in a batter
Snacks-Chaats,Gujarati,North Indian,Veggie  
Mushroom fry( Snack item) Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie
1-First clean the mushroom and cut them in any shape of u r convinience. 2-Take a bowl beat the eggs and add salt, pepper, chilli powder and corn flour and beat it properly with egg beater , spoon or fork. 3-Now take a pan spread oil and on t
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
mixed vegetables bajji Snacks-Chaats,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
*First peel and cut the potato in round shape and then spinach whole leaf without stems, now take out the skin of raw banana and cut into round shape. *Now take a bowl add gram flour,rice flour,zeera,vomu,and baking by mixing all the
Snacks-Chaats,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie  
fish fry Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Non Veggie
*First clean the fish properly and keep aside. *Now take a bowl add rice flour,ginger garlic paste,salt,chilli powder,dhaniya powder,zeera powder,curd if u like,fish masala and mix all this by adding 2 tbsp of lemon juice to it then add little
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Non Veggie  
pav bhaji Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie
*First take pressure cooker and add some water not more and add chopped potato,carrot,cauliflower,peas,1/4 tbsp salt and boil them until 4 to 5 vessels so that they should become fine paste. *Now take a frying pan add little butter and fry the c
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
Aloo chat Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie *First boil the potatoes then peal them and make it paste and add salt,chilli powder,dhaniya powder,zeera powder,am chor,coriander leaves into the paste and mix it properly and keep aside. *Now prepare the tamarind juice take some tamarind add s
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
Quick Sandwich Snacks-Chaats,Veggie Take a nonstick pan and heat it,with little oil. Here do the preparation for the sandwich.Take youghurt,add salt,sugar,and chilly powder to it,and mix well. Then take one bread slice and apply t...
Kachori Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie • Mix flour, salt and baking powder and make smooth dough. • Grind the soaked yellow moong dal. • Heat oil and fry grinded dal lightly in it. • Mix all seeds powder, gram masala and red chilli p...
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Paneer Bhurji Snacks-Chaats,Punjabi,North Indian * Chop the paneer to small pieces, add milk to it. Mix them and keep aside. * Take a pan, put oil,chopped onions,green chilly,ginger and fry them. * Add haldi and jeera powder while mixing it w...
Snacks-Chaats,Punjabi,North Indian  
Ajwain pakode Snacks-Chaats,Veggie Mix all ingredients together with a little water to make a thick batter.dip each ajwain leaf in the batter.deep fry in hot oil until golden in colour.
Vegetable Poha Snacks-Chaats,Veggie Soak the poha in water and sieve. Mix with salt and turmeric powder. Heat the oil in a pan, add rai and curry leaves. Allow to splutter, then add onion and green chili and fry till light brown....
Mixed Veggie pakoda & Herbed Sauce Snacks-Chaats Take all vegetables together in a bowl & mix well. Add in the seasonings,flavorings and using cornflour and all purpose flour make a consistent firm mixture and shape the same into any shape of...
Ajwain Leaf(carom seeds) Pakodas Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie Mix all ingredients together with a little water to make a thick & consistent batter. Dip each Ajwain leaf separately in the besan batter and Deep fry in hot oil untill golden in color.
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Fruit Kabobs Snacks-Chaats,American,Veggie 1. Wash all the fruits and cut into slices. Put on one plate. 2. Spread coconut onto another large plate. 3. Slide pieces of fruits onto a skewer or craft stick. Do this until the stick is almos...
Besan Ki Papdi Snacks-Chaats,Jain,Veggie Mix besan, salt, red chilli powder and oil well. Knead the mixture into dough. Knead for about five minutes. Add the methi leaves. Knead for another three minutes. Make the dough into a big roun...
Kanji Ke Vade Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie - Soak urad dal overnight and grind to a fine paste. - Whisk it very well so that the mixture is fluffy. - Heat oil well in a deep frying pan. - Slide some mixture flattened to the shape of rou...
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Western Idli Snacks-Chaats,Veggie Boil all the vegetables.mash into fine paste.Add all the spices to it including Ginger Chilli paste. Fry this paste in Pan till it leaves the side of pan. Make small balls of paste (about 1/2 i...
Hara Bhara Veggie Kabab Snacks-Chaats,Veggie Peel and grate boiled potatoes. Mash boiled green peas. Blanch spinach leaves in plenty of salted boiling water, refresh in cold water and squeeze out excess water. Finely chop. Mix grated p...
New Delhi-Style Chick Pea Hummus Recipe Snacks-Chaats,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie Cook chick peas until very tender, up to 3 hours. Drain & cool. Transfer to a food processor. Add ginger, pepper, lime juice, almond butter & oil & herbs. Process until smooth. Season with sa...
Snacks-Chaats,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie  
Mathri Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie A) mix all dry ingregidents and put salt, ajwan. B) put warm oil in the above mixture and mix well and rub properly. C) mix warm water slowly slowly to make semi tight dough. D) put this doug...
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Sev Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie Mix the chilli, oil, salt, and ajwain into the flour. Add enough water to make dough. It should not be pliable but sticky. Grease the inside of a sev-press and fill with the dough. press into...
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
Dahi Vade Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie Pour both dals into water for 5-6 hours. Remove extra water and Beat fine in mixi. Mix well for 10 minutes and mix salt. Heat oil and fry till the vade are golden brown. Put these vade on a ...
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Butter chilli corn Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie take corn and put in the microwave to make them soft & hot... Mix warm butter, red chilli, salt, kala namak, jeera powder, good amt of lemon juice. Put chopped green chillies, coriander lea...
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie  
Semolina pancakes (Spicy) & Coconut Chutney Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie Mix yogurt, semolina, salt, sodium bicarbonate & beat well. Keep aside for 10-15 mins. Chop onions, tomatoes & peppers finely and mix together. Add coconut, salt & chili powder to...
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie